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The Evolution of Dentistry

The work of dentists has evolved over the years. A visit to the dentist used to be something people dreaded. Nowadays, their services have improved vastly. It is now a nicer place, with less blood per visit, and less time spent there. all these make going to the dentist office something not to dread. Nowadays, caring for your teeth is not such a hassle.

Technology has made it possible for patients to be comfortable when dental procedures are being performed. Air abrasion technology is the leading innovation in this regard. In air abrasion, pressurized air is used on decaying points of teeth, quietly, instead of a metal drill. This makes the removal of decaying bits of teeth a less noisy and jarring affair. Teeth cleaning is also another area that has benefited from the use of air instead of metallic scrappers or some other buffers. It is now easier to attend to those with sensitive teeth, and those who find it unhygienic to share cleaning equipment which they feel is not so clean.

Nowadays, dental appointments are increasingly taking shorter periods of time. Were it not for certain equipment being developed, such short time periods would still not be realizable. A more efficient and quick method of disinfecting areas where root canal is about to take place is through the use of lasers. A laser diode is the implement in such procedures, as well as for teeth whitening and gum disease management. What makes it is an electronically pumped semiconductor laser. Laser can be directed at a particular location, making it perfect for taking care of dental problems at one point. Fillings, which involves the installation of ceramic crowns, has gained a lot through the computerization of the process. The length of the procedure has also been diminished to one visit. The filling can also be closely monitored so that the time it sets is accurately determined.

In the past, it was harder to detect and prevent oral hygiene complications. It is now possible to detect the early onset of oral cancer through developed testing. Such tests have made it possible for oral care professionals to quickly embark on treatment, which gives the best chance of arresting and eliminating the cancer. The way a dentist looks at your teeth has also changed. They do this by using dental cameras. They take pictures of your teeth, which are then cast on a high-definition screen for the dentist to view. The dentist will take shorter time to look at your teeth in greater detail.

3D mapping imaging allows the dentist to chart all the contours of a patient’s teeth. This enables the viewing of all surfaces in the mouth. This enables the dentist to work on any part of your teeth.

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