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Tips in Climbing Kenya’s Highest Mountain Compared to other mountains in Kenya Mount Kenya is the highest with an altitude of 5,199m. As a result of the movement of lava due to pressure within the rocks volcanic mountain is formed. It is located around 200 kilometers to the north of Nairobi city. Out of the three major peaks of Mount Kenya, Nelion is the is found at the highest altitude with a height of 5,199m followed by Nelion at 5,188m and lastly Lenana at 4,985m above the sea level. It has both the steep slopes and gentle slopes with rough terrace that is made of protruding stones making it a bit risky when climbing it. Grading them according to the number of people using them you find that Lenana come first and maybe because of its short distance. As a result of very low temperatures especially during rainy seasons most of the mountain is covered with snow and glaciers.
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Climbing Mount Kenya is a very good adventure and place to be since it has variety of vegetation cover, tree species and different wild animal like buffalo, elephant and many other which plays a very major role in attracting tourists. The moths that experience a lot of rainfall is not the best time to climb Mount Kenya as it exposes you to many dangers. Just like any other things professional skills are required to use methods such as walking, trekking and hiking to reach this peaks. There are many routes that you can use when climbing Mount Kenya e.g. Naromoru route, Sirimon route, and Chogoria route. They have different advantages as Naromoru is considered the shortest route and most used to access Lenana. It is considered to be more gentle and smoothest routes compared to other routes. Other routes such as Chogoria tend to be very steep with cliffs, with other attractive features such as Georges valley and Lake Michaelson which attracts many people to use this route. On the other hand, we sirimon route that is least used even though it is the best since it passes to the drier side of the mountain. We to do a lot of research and make many arrangements before we go for mountain climbing. Some of things that you may be required to carry range from camera, waterproof, warm cover and equipment. the process you will be provided by a porter who will be carrying the mountain gear for you and guide you through. There are many other things including food, accommodations, water, a tip of which you will make an arrangement. Because of the temperatures and the scenic features you will need to be medically fit and free from dangers incurred in the process. Besides, there is a trained rescue team that will be preventing you from such dangers.