Common Reasons Why Your Van Headlights Stopped Working


Whether you drive a van for work or just to get your family around town, you depend on your headlights when it comes to drive at night and as the sun sets. When those headlights stop working, you may worry about how you’ll see obstacles and how you’ll keep your passengers safe. Driving without working headlights can also lead to an expensive ticket if the cops see you and pull you over. You can take a look at some of the common reasons why van headlights fail to diagnose the problem in your own vehicle.

Burned Bulb

A burned out bulb is the most common reason why a headlight will not come on. Most vehicles have a plastic cover that hides a bulb inside. You may need to get under the vehicle to remove this cover, but some vehicles have a cover that pops right off. The bulb should unscrew from the fixture easily, though you may need to use a little force to release it. You can then pick up a new bulb from any auto parts store, screw the new bulb into the headlight and get back on the road again.

Dead Fuse

Some drivers do not realize that their vehicles have a fuse box that relies on fuses to operate different parts of the vehicle. The location of this box will vary from model to model. You may have a series of smaller fuses located in a panel hidden behind your dash or near your steering wheel. These panels require that you remove a part of the dash to gain access. There should be a box with larger fuses located somewhere under the hood and to the side of your engine. You can use a fuse testing kit to test each one and to identify the blown fuse that needs replacing.

Loose Wire

A loose wire can also keep your headlights from working. This is a problem associated with traditional headlights as well as vehicles that use a DCC decoder, which works with LED lights. You can diagnose the problem yourself and track each fire attached to the light back to its source. It’s often better to have a mechanic who knows exactly what to look for to do this job for you. When your van’s headlights fail, it’s time to look for a burned bulb, a blown fuse or a loose wire to fix the problem.