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Top 5 Tips for More Effective Lead Generation

Even with an established audience, the number of leads you get may still not be enough. Lead generation isn’t really all that difficult, but you have to know which techniques are most effective.

Below are the top five lead generation methods used by successful online marketers:

Email Signature

Day to day, you probably send so many emails. Did you know you can promote your business with this communication? Your recipients may already be aware of it, but they may have never actually checked what it’s all about. On your email signature, add a link to your website and spread the news. This allows you to promote your product or service unobtrusively, and if you’ve already built a relationship with your email recipients, there’s a greater chance of them actually clicking your click.

Regular Blogging

Most of us know that blogging is a big help to lead generation. But sometimes when we get too busy, we tend to forget the purpose of blogging, and that is to create a constant online presence. When we don’t see any results soo, we do tend to be tempted to stop. Consistency is the name of the game. When you’ve built a following, you can begin to introduce call to actions.

About Page Optimization

One of the best steps you can take for lead generation is simply to make your About page optimized for your target audience. This is where people go when they want to know you or your products or services. This is also a great place for people to take a glimpse of your personality and for you to show them that you’re real and passionate in what you do. It’s wise to add a call to action in this page.

The Squint Test

So you’ve done everything you could but your leads are still not maximized. That may mean your site hasn’t reached its full potential. The squint test is one of the crudest ways of knowing if your web pages are effective. Log on to your website and squint as you look at it. What’s the first thing that caught your eye? If it’s not your call to action, then that means your page does need improvement.

Social Media Activity

Finally, if you really want more leads, then you have to know where to find them. There’s surely a lot of places, but we all know that social media is on top top. Yes, create your own business page, promote it, fill it with great content and wait for the leads to come. “Wait,” however, doesn’t strictly mean you don’t do any work. You should also actively seek out prospects by going through their pages, feeds or profiles. Knowing more about them means getting more ideas to make them interested in you.

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