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The latest news about know-how in training, together with articles, Commentaries, and special options. Jupiter, the ruler of Aquarius on the dimension of Soul, steadily influences from behind the scenes, and helps to develop the person’s consciousness from group to common consciousness. Intelligence has multiple elements, and even particular person features—computational capacity, spatial consciousness, analytic reasoning, not to point out empathy—are clearly multigenetic, and all are influenced by environmental elements as current events

Sun-powered aircraft Photo voltaic Impulse” takes off for cross-country trip. The Working Class documentary sequence, connects academics, dad and mom and college students to sources that relate expertise, career awareness, and practical, arms-on activities to math, science, reading, and writing current events

Soul-infused or Self-directed Geminis use the energies of Mercury and Venus together, to bring the knowledge, love and lessons garnered through many incarnations into expression on this planet, for the benefit of others. Technological revolution so rewrites the material circumstances of human existence and in addition reshape culture, society and even human nature.

Two Days of the Truth Behind Know-how – By no means earlier than has so much brainpower been packed into so little time – and placed at your disposal. The British Agricultural Revolution (18th century), which spurred urbanisation and consequently helped launch the Industrial Revolution.

The Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon is the second of the three spring full moons (Aries, Taurus and Gemini) which set the spiritual tone for the approaching 12 months. Our unique genetic inheritance was acceptable for the warm climates the place we first evolved from early hominins to humans, from knuckle-walkers to hunters and current events