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Importance of Countertops

In kitchens or bathroom, the raised flat and smooth area is known as the countertop. The main purpose of a countertop is usually as a working area like in kitchens it is where the food is prepared or cooked. Not only do countertops give the kitchen that elegant taste but they are also raised by use of drawers and cabinets.

When designing countertops, the kitchen size, taste and the budget of the owner are highly considered.There are many materials used to make the countertops. Wooden boards, natural stones, plastics and vinyl are some of the materials used in countertop making.

The most common material to use when designing a kitchen countertop is the natural stone. Natural stones used when designing a countertops are granite, marble, natural quartz, limestones and so on. Since countertops are usually the core place in the kitchen and tend to get dirty fast, it is critical to choose a material that is easy to clean and also maintain.

Granite stone gives the countertop a stylish look and also add warmth and beauty to your kitchen. Africa and Brazil are some of the countries that are rich in natural stones where granite is usually imported from. Granite has continued to become popular in kitchen countertops and there is a variety of colours to choose from. Depending on your taste some of the most popular granite colours include juparana delicatus, black galaxy, caravelas gold and mascarello. Its hardness allows it to handle hot materials like pots in the kitchen ensuring that it does not crack or even scratch. The granite is also non-porous ensuring that it does not absorb any liquids.

Not only does marble give your kitchen countertop a sophisticated high-end look, it also makes it glamorous. Heat resistance are some of the advantages of using marble as well as granite. Since they are porous, they require to be sealed to avoid absorbing any water or moisture. The popularity of kitchen countertops made from natural quartz is also high. Manufactured materials are also used to make kitchen countertops. Manufactured materials are basically man-made.

Manufactured materials used in kitchen countertops are wooden boards, glass, plastics and concrete. Formica is usually used in the case of wooden boards to cover the whole area to avoid absorption of liquids. Colored glass and different shapes can also be used depending on the taste of the owner. Vulnerability to cracks and scratches are some of the limits associated with using glass countertops. Concrete has also become an addition to the countertop world. It is also becoming quite trendy since they can be customized to fit the area you want. Embedding clouded glass or tiles to the concrete, gives it a fine finish.

Materials to be used when designing or remodeling of countertops should not only be appealing but also durable.

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