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What you Should Know about Grillz

May be you have been seeing people especially the hip hop stars with so many colored teeth and wondered what could be the issue. You may been contemplating having the same thing However before you finally before you gone for the transformation, you need to know a few facts about the grillz and the teeth. You should know for how long has the practice been with us. The practice has been there over two centuries ago. It is mostly used to show the wealthy of a person. Women of the olden days used gold to make a statement about themselves. the more the gold a woman has, the more the wealth in possession.

The African American community chose to use the gold covered teeth in 1970’s. The idea was later bought by many musicians. The idea has now become very common in the hip hop community. the musicians use the gold to portray that they are rich.

Yopu may be wondering whether it is still fashionable to flash that golden smile. As much as the grills were in use centuries ago, they are still being seen as symbols of wealth. You will see many actors, actresses and musicians still using that method to show how wealthy they have become. They are still regarded very supreme by their fans.

Nowadays most people can afford the grill due to their low price. Some of the people who wear them are drawn to them by the attention they create. You may need to find out if your teeth should be ok with all the grills available. So far no harm has been discovered on the teeth but the real position is yet to be determined. Since the grills are golden or silverly, they are likely to cause reaction to some people who may be allergic to either of them.

You can get either premade or custom made grills. You will get those that are ready made with stainless steel with some gold coating on top. For the ones that are custom made, they are of solid gold , silver or platinum. The next puzzle could be whether they are fixed or they could be removed. The wear is the one that determines whether they are to be removed or not. You could be wondering about their lifespan. Depending on what the wearer wants, they can be worn as long as the wearer lives. The grill will be as good as the care that the wearer gives to it. the materials that make the grills can also react with other substances and therefore the wearer is advised not to drink nor smoke when wearing them.

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