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The Need for More Marijuana Dispensaries

The application of marijuana in the treatment of the chronically or critically ill has always been a topic of contention for the longest time. It is hard to find many places where marijuana is an accepted drug for any purpose. When it comes to medical purposes, the ban was viewed as unfair, as it was driven by political reasons, not scientific ones. It has been seen that any group in support of the ban has a political angle And a pharmaceutical group’s backing.

The administration of medical marijuana is critical to patients suffering from cancer. The nausea that comes with the application of chemotherapy, as well as from the progression of the disease, can be dealt with by the use of marijuana. It has also assisted patients suffering from HIV and Aids to get bigger appetites for food, as well as maintaining a larger portion consumption. It has also found application in cases of people with chronic pain, muscle spasms, depression, brain cancer, anxiety, to name a few.

Seeing as marijuana has clear positive effects and results, there is need to examine the poor reception and acceptance from various factions. It turns out this solution to so many problems does not marry with the intentions of a different set of political and special interest group. What these groups do talk negatively about marijuana while they try and market their pharmaceutical creations. These groups have successfully portrayed marijuana as a terrible drug with bad addiction issues. When people see this; it becomes difficult for them to imagine anything positive about marijuana. Politicians receive financial backing from pharmaceutical companies, for the sole reason of their ability to reach a wider audience and formulate policies that will ensure marijuana remains an option not available to many. The pharmaceutical companies will in exchange fund their political campaigns, or show their appreciation in a more direct manner. Once in power, they repay their generosity by stopping any legislation that could make marijuana more acceptable.

We can also consider what people would use, in case there was no marijuana or pharmaceutical drugs. This argument does not hold, since that would mean subjecting people to far worse and heavier drugs, with proven track records of extreme dependency and havoc to the users’ lives. Some have tried to use cocaine, heroin, and oxytocin for medical purposes. They caused more problems than they solved. They have proven that they cannot realistically serve as alternatives in any scenario. They also make a case for marijuana even stronger. It comes out as the cheaper and more effective option. There is no need for processes like these drugs do.

The political and pharmaceutical interest groups present the biggest hindrance to the adoption of marijuana as the best alternative to the treatment of the effects of some of the most painful diseases known to man. It would be a brilliant idea to allow for the setting up or more marijuana dispensaries in the world. Taking the issue of political and pharmaceutical interests away would be a big relief to those who are suffering, and marijuana can help them out. This drug problem is actually a solution.

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