How Technology and Glasses Are Becoming More and More Integrated Every Day

When most people think about technology and optics, the first thought is to contact lenses. After all, after glasses, they are the most common consumer-facing optic product available. However, if you think that the mix of technology and optics ended there, then this article has some pleasant surprises for you!

Snapchat Spectacles

Have you seen large yellow vending machines in seemingly particular places with long lines of people? If you have then you have seen a Snapchat Spectacle vending machine. These machines spit out sunglasses with one special including, a small camera on the lens which records short snippets of video which can then be published to your Snapchat story or simply downloaded.

While this might seem like a gimmick, there is actually one important technology behind them. You see, while all camera lenses are circular, they only record in a square or rectangular format. However, Snapchat Spectacles record in …